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Dear Customers,

Lately we've noticed an impostor website that imitates our name, with product images stolen from us. They stole almost all of our product definitions and images. They want to prey on popularity of our website and products.

They registered a similar domain address and try to give the impression that it's our alternative web address. Please note that we don't have a 2nd web address for international customers and turkishcarparts.com is the only company domain we sell to international markets.

The impostor website shows a fake contact address from the US, but we found that the domain is registered from another country.

We don't want to give their exact web address, because we don't want to create traffic for them. Here's how the impostor website looks:

We've applied to a number of outlets to have them go offline. But general experience is that it's very difficult to take impostor websites down.

Therefore, we dediced to notify you about the situation. Please be careful. Thank you.

Best regards,
Kayoto Automotive

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