Payment Methods

Credit Card Service

All credit card payments on our website are charged by PayU company.

PayU is an international online payment service provider, which operates in 17 markets including Turkey, Brazil, Czech Republic, India, Mexico, Poland, Russia, South Africa etc.

When you finalize your order, all payment information is entered on the PayU website (, which you are redirected to. This means Kayoto never obtains your payment information/card details. Kayoto receives payments from PayU.

For more information visit and/or

* Please read PAYMENT GATEWAY UPDATE 21.08.2020


Paypal is not operating in Turkey since 2016. We can't get payments using Paypal and withdraw to our bank account in Turkey. Therefore Paypal payment option is not available on our website.

Bank Transfer

When you choose Bank Transfer you will be provided with our bank account details at the checkout. Please note that you need to cover all the costs up to and including our bank and ensure that we receive net order value in our account. You need to instruct your bank that you will cover all the costs and transfer "net" value to Kayoto account.

Western Union/Money Gram

When you choose this method, you will receive transfer details by email from us.

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