For Business Buyers

♦ Business buyers include entities such as car parts dealers, distributors, wholesalers, repair services, garages etc. in the importing country.

If you are a business buyer, please introduce yourselves to us at kayoto @ turkishcarparts . com and get your special discount.

♦ Small items/individual orders will mostly go unblocked at the destination customs, but larger cargoes may need to be cleared out of the customs (Also see Customs Policy). If this is the case, you may request full documentation set, which includes:

+ Commercial Invoice
+ Certificate of Origin or Free Movement Certificate (COO or A.TR or EUR.1 or Form A as per your request)
+ B/L or Way Bill depending on the mode of transportation
+ Packing list

Official COO, A.TR, EUR.1 or Form A have extra legal endorsement costs, therefore an additional fee of €80 or $100 will be added to the order amount. Seller declaration of origin can be sent free of charge.



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