New Year updates from Kayoto

Jan 03 2022 0 Comments

Price Update

Commodity and raw material prices have increased considerably during the course of two years since the beginning of the pandemic. Despite input cost pressures we didn't make any price increases until this time. Now, we have to make an increase of about 15% starting from this month.

(Please keep in mind that the prices your see on the website are retail prices and 30% discount is still available to already eligible customers. Please contact us if you are a business customer and want to benefit from this discount).

Free shipping policy change 

As most of you already know, we offered free standard shipping via post office for orders over a certain value. The free shipping limit differed for different groups of countries. Since last month, Turkish Post made sharp increases in their prices. It is therefore not possible to provide free shipping anymore. 

But we will be giving shipping discounts, on both standard and expedited shipping options, once your order value is above 500 USD. The shipping discount amount will correspond to %6-8 of the order value (This discount is in addition to 30% discount for business customers).

Please choose the "I will pay shipping fee after package is ready" option to pay for the goods. We will then guide you for payment of the discounted shipping once your package is sealed.

Best regards,
Kayoto Automotive

Meanwhile, below are some of the packages we shipped in the last few months:
















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